Expelling School Violence

Visual Communications as a Catalyst for Changeexternal image 2012-School-Violence-Posters-HIGH-SCHOOL.jpg
Article by: Carolyn McCarron
Pages 42-46

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Students are exposed to large amounts of information and visual imagery - the Internet, television social networking websites, magazines, smartphones - and their constant interaction with these sources makes them vulnerable to the information they are processing.

In an era when school violence has been steadily increasing, Carolyn McCaron believes that designers have an antidote to school violence. Children respond to things that are visual. Kids place value on things with good design, excellent illustration and interactive components. The media expertise of designers and visual communication have the power to change perceptions among kids and bring an end to school violence; the very same vehicles of media that helped escalate violence in teens can be used to diminish it.


Although design and visual communications cannot be the only solution in addressing school policies on bullying, counseling and gun control, it can be part of the solution. "Communication professions are trained to listen to an audience and form a communications objective in response," and if designers are able to tap into the same language of young people and speak it, they can have a tremendous impact in the lives of students. (46)