The Stupid Awards
Article by: David Vogler
Pages 231-238

The Stupid Awards

David Vogler and his posse of fashion, industrial, new media and graphic designers turned a drunken parlor game of the "Hi Lites" and "Low Lites" of design into a "non sequitor list of dubious design milestones from the past thirty years." (231) Here you have it, folks: examples from a top-25 list of design irresponsibility and stupidity.

Chrysler's PT Cruiser

external image Black-Chrysler-PT-CruiserGT.jpg

If ET owned a vehicle, it would be this awkward cross between a "retro car driven by ZZ Top in their music videos and a classic Al Capone gangster mobile." (232)

The Original Interface of Prodigy

external image prodigy.gif

While the Internet was in its Jurassic period, IBM and Sears teamed up to launch Prodigy, a proprietary online service that featured poor graphics and pioneered the building blocks of today's Web sites.

It still doesn't justify the hideousness of the design.

NYPD Blue's Camera Work

The "shaky cam" technique utilized to portray an "eyewitness" report simply resulted in an eyesore. While it worked for the network, Ibuprofen sales skyrocketed as soon as mainstream media picked up on the technique.

Color Photography in the New York Times

"The idea of modern color printing in the Times was nothing short of blashpemy" for die-hard readers of the notoriously gray-scale publication. (233) Note that the Times' branding does not allow for much innovation in terms of design - long-standing audiences of publications might not appreciate a complete redesign of their favored products.

The Marshmallow Peep

external image peep_medium.jpg

The real meaning of Easter is eating newborn chickens. Fascinating.

Michael Jackson's Face*

external image 40390_pro.jpg

When Designers Act Irresponsibly. Modern design principles at their worst. May the King of Pop rest in peace.