Article By: Steven Heller and Milton Glaser
Pages 178 - 181


Milton Glaser is the famed designer who came up with the I Heart NY logo that has since spawned a rendition for almost every city in the national and international sphere.

external image 220px-I_Love_New_York.svg.png
However, after 9/11 the meaning changed and he debuted a revised logo sporting a bruised heart and the added phrase “more than ever”.

In his interview he argues that the acknowledgement of the event is what makes the people strong. The city of New York rejected the modification of logo because, according to Glaser, the city was afraid the new logo would come across as a sign of weakness instead of a sign of strength.

external image iheartny.jpg


Even though the logo was not accepted by the state, it ended up on the Daily News front and back cover through connections with friends whose response to logo was: “It made me want to cry.” After that, it gained enough traction to become famous in its own right.


Unlike some of the other authors of Citizen Designer, Glaser openly admits, even hits at supporting that commerce is the engine that propels this country (180). In spite of working for the market he thinks good design has an effect is poetic rather than logical (180).

In his interview, again different than some of the other more outspoken writers, Glaser seems to avoid “taking sides” with his design and its place in the consumerist market. Perhaps because his logo was given a free license to use as anyone pleased for its initial release. His career was born out of the free market.


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