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Article By: Authors Name
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Put a brief summary of the article here. Mention the thesis or the value of the article in terms of designers/design. Any discussed terms can be briefly described in the summary or linked out to reduce space and keep the content central to the review.

Examples/Points of Discussion

image_blank.pngMention specific examples that pertain to explaining the key thesis or enhance the article's purpose. Keep online readers in mind by perhaps utilizing bullet points. Make sure to add reference notes to each example's page.

Any image you use should be left-aligned and should have some content significance/value (Does the image help the readers understand your review better? Is it a good attention grabber?) Do not feel that an image has to be included, only do so if you feel it will enhance the review.


Finally, discuss the ultimate pros and cons of the article.

Please try to remain as bias neutral as possible. Focus on how the article in general was affective for designers.


  • Use bullet point for your references
  • Author's Last Name, First Name (Year of Publication). "Article Title", Editor and Editor, Title of Book.

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  2. ^ Last name Year, p. Page Number.