Adding MetaTags

  • On your chosen page, you will see a tool bar that saying "Edit, Discussion Posts, Comments, Revisions, More options (...)"
  • Click More Options (...)
  • Click the "edit" option next to tags
  • Type and enter in your chosen metatags

How to Create a Table of Contents

  • On the edit page, click the Widget icon widget.png
  • Then on Wikispaces, click Table of Contents


  • Click "Embed Table of Contents"
  • You should notice a blank box with the words "Table of contents" appear on your page
    • By click and dragging the box you can put it wherever you'd like. However, keep in mind the Template
  • This will then allow you to make reference points for your table of contents by putting equal signs (=) at the beginning and end of your chosen subtitle.
  • This can also be done by changing the font front Normal to a Heading #

How to Upload an Image

  • On the edit page click the File Icon file.png
  • Click "+Upload Files"
  • Browse through your files and click the chosen image
  • It will then be added to a list of uploaded files. Click your image.
  • It will then appear on your edit page

How to Create References

  • Place your cursor at the end of your chosen sentence.
  • Click the Widget Iconwidget.png
  • Then on the Wikispaces, Click Reference
  • Click "Embed Reference Marker"
  • [1] An Icon like this will appear where you left your cursor and a menu will appear at the bottom of the edit page
  • In this menu box you should your type reference
  • Repeat process for every new reference.

  1. ^ Last name Year, p. Page Number.